Spectral Sea brings together an eclectic amalgam of rock n' roll talent.”

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Spectral Sea

While a new band, the members of Spectral Sea are not strangers to the stage. Featuring former members of touring bands such as Echoset, Endochine, the Tara Craig Band, the Reception, Preserve the Sound and L.A. Dies, the members of Spectral Sea’s years of experience have culminated in a diverse background. With a sound rooted in their mutual love of late 90’s-early 2000’s guitar rock, Spectral Sea crafts songs with guitars that evoke straight forward alternative rock with ambient transitions, a thunderous rhythm section, and melodic vocal hooks. Writing songs about loss, love, and existential dilemmas, Spectral Sea have truly found their voice. A fresh take on rock, mixed with pop with the occasional spooky transition. Together, they aim to create a sound bigger than their individual parts. 

Their new single, 'Late Night' will be available everywhere on July 20, 2018. 

They released their self-recorded debut EP “Stop/Start”; an album that focuses on love, loss, the human experience, and the power of music on 6/16/2017.

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