Spectral Sea brings together an eclectic amalgam of rock n' roll talent.”

The Deli Magazine

Spectral Sea began in 2016 with a goal of creating a sound different from anything else coming out of Austin, TX. With a sound rooted in their mutual love of late 90’s-early 2000’s guitar rock, Spectral Sea continues to craft songs with that evoke straight forward alternative rock with ambient flourishes, a thunderous rhythms, and arena-ready melodic vocal hooks. No strangers to the stage, Marco Arroyo, Al Behnke, Michael Hayden, and Mike Malone have taken their years of experience in touring bands and cut their teeth on stages across Austin and central Texas. With songs rooted in telling tales of the human condition, Spectral Sea has become a formidable voice in the Austin alt-rock scene.

Their latest singles, 'Hollowed Out' and 'Like Lightning' were released in October and November of 2019 (respectively), preceded by their single 'Late Night' in 2018 and their debut EP 'Stop/Start' in 2017.


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